Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Exclamation Points!

The other day I was asked why I put an exclamation point at the end of my name. I’m asked that from time to time. When we were signing the papers to buy our house the woman had a fit, telling me I couldn’t do it. But I’ve done this for years.
Why? Well, to put that into words that make sense I go back to a story about when I was a supervisor at a telemarketing firm. Yes, I was the dreaded woman who harassed you at breakfast, lunch or dinner time. Try to get beyond that.
As a supervisor, I routinely gave feed-back to my team of sales reps, critiquing their calls. They’d sign the critique before leaving my desk. One young man put a question mark at the end of his signature and I asked him why. He declared, because I don’t know who I am. I smiled and pointed at my signature. He asked why I put an exclamation point at the end. “I do,” I replied.
I know who I am. I am in Christ. I am the salt of the earth; I am the light of the world, because Jesus lives in me. I’m far from perfect, but I’m being perfected with every passing day. My sins are forgiven. My past is in the past and my future is phenomenally bright. I know where I’ve been and I know where I’m going. I may not know exactly what turns the path of my life will take, but I know where it’s taking me. I am filled with God’s promises. Jesus has given me His assurance – and I believe Him.
I am… in Christ, blessed beyond measure.
I am a loved wife, mother and grandmother.
I am filled with music and words.
I am called to encourage and help.
I am a victorious over-comer; one who has forged many battles and has seen God display His passion, His glory and His grace in my life.
I am uniquely a precious part of the Bride of Christ, reaching forward to goals and horizons beyond what I can imagine.
Matthew 5:13-14 You are the salt of the earth…. You are the light of the world….

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