Sunday, January 19, 2014

Attention Please!

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Where’s your attention lately? You’re finances, your backache, your heartache, your weight, and/or your children? There’s a spiritual connection – if you’ll make it.

If you’re anything like me, when a part of your body (or family) hurts or begins demanding your attention for one reason or another, you become more aware of it, learning more about it; how it works, its importance to your body and your overall health and happiness. This became huge in my life when I suffered from migraines, and it’s huge now that I’m dealing with weight issues.

So, let’s ponder this together.

Let’s say you’re trying get rid of a few fat cells, you’re overweight and frustrated. Could it be that God is using your situation to draw your attention to what you’re consuming and why you’re consuming it? Not just the junk food you reach for when you’re stressed or the foo-foo coffee drinks which are so easy to get addicted to, but spiritually? So much of what we eat these days isn’t even “real food” – the chemical additives have become more of the ingredients than what the food item was supposed to be in the first place. How much of what we take in spiritually is junk food, and not “real food”?

You’re concerned about your finances? Perhaps God’s drawing your attention to those of us who are going without, the lack in the body of Christ. Not just the lack of money, but so many other things that God provides freely for us. For example, grace – how many of us don’t avail ourselves of the grace that God lavishly pours out over us? But, instead, beat up ourselves us continually.

What if your mind is on sex a lot? God can use that to draw your attention to the lack of intimacy within the body of Christ. Intimacy is huge! Shannon Etheridge pointed out in one of her books, that intimacy means “into-me-see”. We have walls up to protect ourselves from each other. How many people can you see into? Do you let others see into you? See any problems here?

Headaches? Any one suffer from chronic headaches? It might be that God is trying to draw your attention to Jesus Himself, the head of the Church; which is the body of Christ, and all that He is; His fullness, His sacrifice, His blood, His death, burial and resurrection – all of it. So much to be learned and received there!
NOTE: I am NOT saying that God causes these things in our lives – but rather, uses them to get our attention and point us toward the things that have His attention.

What if your back hurts? Is God calling you to be the backbone of His body? Our backbone can make us stand tall, and move with authority. But, the backbone also holds everything else together; our nervous system runs through our back, impacting the rest of our body. Chiropractors can manipulate a back and affect other things in our bodies from pain, to allergies, to bed-wetting, to who knows what else. There’s a lot to ponder there!

Do your toes or feet hurt? Could God be trying to communicate with you about your walk with Him? We sometimes stray from the path we know He’s set before us. Perhaps we’re not on the “straight and narrow” like we thought we were, like we started out to be…

What about someone who’s underweight? God might be drawing your attention to those amongst the body of Christ who are under nourished, underfed - spiritually. Does He want you to teach; to feed His sheep? Jesus said we don’t live by bread [food] alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God. He also said that His meat [food] was to do the will of His Father.

Biting our tongue, or a toothache or a canker sore on your lip can steal your attention. Hmmm, our mouths; that might be an obvious one. But, look at all the possibilities – I hope you pray and ask God what the spiritual connection is here; the spiritual point to ponder. Is He drawing your attention to profanity that slips from your lips; even cursing [using the phrase “God damn” someone or something]. Or is He trying to point out our negative self-talk, those negative words we speak to, and over ourselves? Or the negative way we speak to, and over those we love? Do you ever catch yourself calling people (or yourself) insulting names? Look into God’s Word and learn the importance of and power in your words!

What if nothing’s “wrong” – but, you’re pregnant or caught up with toddlers? God may be drawing you to see the children of God with new eyes. We’re all God’s children within the body of Christ; this is where His love thrives, in the hearts of His children.

What about repeated “bad hair days” or going bald? God might draw your attention to your covering. Is there something you do, by habit or on occasion that draws you out from under His protection; that takes you off in a selfish or ungodly direction? Or – is He calling you to be one of His protectors? An intercessor, to cover us in the body of Christ? Or to physically protect us?

Failing vision? Maybe God wants you to take another look at what you’re looking at; the things that take your eyes off Him, leading you in other directions. Or perhaps He’s nudging you to draw your attention to the unseen; to look beyond what our physical eyes can see!  J

Whatever it may be that demands your attention, look for its spiritual application. What might God want to draw your attention to through this? Whether it’s something I’ve mentioned or not, pray over it and ask God to show you Himself. I’ve made some suggestions, but God alone knows what He’s speaking to your heart.

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart, And lean not on your own understanding...” – Proverbs 3:5 (NKJV)

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