Tuesday, October 20, 2009


One of my favorite scriptures is Mark 6:31. Our hectic schedules compell us to burn the candle at both ends far too often. Just surviving various phases of life can be so emotionally draining we sometimes wish we could simply escape. I do anyways. And I have an incredibly easy life! My dear husband has his military pension and works a pretty good paying job -which provides for our needs so I don't have to seek employment. But from time to time I toss around the idea anyways. I've been married to the love of my life for more than 32 years now - and I love him more everyday. I have three perfect children - and don't you dare challenge me on that! LOL [Okay - they're being perfected in Christ...] But I love them so much and I'm so very proud of each of them. They're all married to spouses that love them and they appreciate each other. They've given me six gorgeous grandchildren. Truly - I am blessed beyond measure.
Maybe it's just because I'm a woman, or perhaps because I'm a wife and mother - but I can become an emotional wreck sometimes. Those umbilical cords may have been cut when the children were born - but the invisible umbilical cord that will forever connect a mother to her children gets strained at times. In particular when those children move away, taking your grandchildren with them..... Or when they go off to war, again and again and again...
My Jesus reminds me so often to cast my cares on Him because He cares FOR me. He does the caring in my place... so I don't have to! Since He is for me - who can possibly be against me? But He has to remind me to cast those cares on Him so often because I tend to take them back. Is it simply because I'm a woman? No - I think it's because I'm human. But He never grows weary of my human-ness.
He couldn't bear to exist for all of eternity without me - so God our Father sent Jesus His only Son to bear the punishment for my sins so that we could freely exchange His never-ending love forever.
When He sees me in overload mode again, He reaches out for me and whispers into my heart:
Come apart with me to a quiet place and get some rest..... Mark 6:31
I even painted it on my bedroom wall.......

Rest. God's rest. Synonymous with peace. God's sweet peace!


  1. phew! needed this today. thank you.

  2. You're most kindly welcome, Lori! : )

  3. Rest, How I need physical rest right now but here I am at 11:00pm reading blogs. I was not on my computer at all yesterday, do you know how much catch up there is to do?
    Why do I feel compelled to catch up?
    No one is going to give me a prize for doing it, the only thing I am getting is tired.
    love you Helen.