Monday, February 27, 2017

Complaining In The Cocoon

I’ll guess our cocoon experience seems longer than that of a butterfly, but, proportionately, maybe it’s not.

Though some may find caterpillars fascinating little creatures, few would say their beauty and abilities even rival that of the butterfly. I’ll admit, I don’t have a clue what goes on in that cocoon to cause the transformation from caterpillar to butterfly. But, when life courses through the veins of their newfound wings, beauty and power take on brand new meaning.

I have no idea if the butterfly remembers life as the caterpillar, crawling on her belly in search of food, eating as if the buffet will soon be over.

I don’t know if the caterpillar knows that she’ll be hidden away in a cocoon, changing phenomenally, or if she has any appreciation for the freedoms of the butterfly. Or for that matter, if she’s ever even seen a butterfly. Perhaps her eyes are only on the task at hand, acquiring the fuel she’s driven to take in.

Does she know transformation awaits her?
Can she imagine how much of a change will occur?
Is it dark in there? Can she see at all?
Can she move in that cocoon? (Seems quite cramped to me.)
As she grows and develops, is she at all comfortable, or stressed beyond recognition?
Or – does she sleep?
Does she question what’s happening to her?
Does it hurt?
Does she know she has a future, or does she await death?
When the urge to break out overcomes her, is she afraid?
Never having had wings before, what does she think is crowding her into the cocoon?
What does she think has happened to her slimy (or furry) little body, the one she wore into the cocoon?
As her wings stretch out to their full measure, does it hurt? Does it feel good, like stretching our arms and our back after a long night of sleep?
Is she afraid of the foreign objects we know are her wings? Of their need to soar through the air?

Does she even think about what’s happening or just enjoy the newness?

The experience of the butterflies vary, some never make it out of the cocoon.

Though her story is one of rebirth and transformation, one that we can see with our eyes over a very brief period of time, does she realize it?

Ours is an ongoing story of change and rebirth, too.

What stage are you in right now?

I have no clue if the caterpillar, all wrapped up in it’s transformational habitat, can complain. I rather doubt it. But, sheesh! Us humans have that mastered!

Whether we’re still chewing leaves, crawling along on a branch, ignorant of the plant it’s growing from, or we’re closed off from the openness we previously enjoyed, seemingly trapped in a closet of darkness – change is coming; freedom and beauty and abilities await us in experiences we haven’t yet imagined.

Just as the caterpillar may have no idea what a butterfly is, or can do, we look around us and see other caterpillars or the dark looking cocoons they’ve crawled into, and may not be able to imagine what we can be.

I don’t think a caterpillar can perceive that a glorious butterfly is already in the making.

What is inside of you?

While we complain about the leaf we’re chewing on, or the darkness of our cocoon, a breathtaking butterfly is in the making!

We’ll have such freedom – to fly further than the caterpillar knows there are places to fly.

Go to a butterfly house and observe; ponder what’s happening there. 

When you rest from the busyness of your day to talk with your Maker, wait on Him; listen.

Don’t let your insatiable hunger scare you. God is there.

Don’t let apparent darkness overwhelm you. God is there.

When you feel the urge to stretch and spread out your newness – use bold force! God is right there, too! He’s waiting on you. Crawl out onto His finger and begin to explore and enjoy your freedoms and all you discover you’re capable of.

Trust Him with the preparations of today.
Trust Him with the darkness that closes in around you.

Trust Him with tomorrow, He’s already there.