Friday, October 16, 2009

Where's My On/Off Switch?

Okay, so when I'm laying there in my comfy bed, snuggling my cozy pillow - why can't I fall asleep? Where's my on/off switch? Nighttime isn't the only time I notice a need for one either... certainly those who spend much time around me can tell I haven't located the switch and turned it on before I dive into a conversation and say something that clearly I didn't think through first.
Perhaps people around me wish there was an on/off switch for my mouth, too.
But there are definitely times I wish I had one for my brain. It would be nice to have a pause button, a rewind button and maybe even a fast-forward button. When I'm presented with a lot of information, I don't seem to process as quickly as I use to -that's when a pause or rewind button would come in handy. I'm not sure when I'd use the fast-forward button, but I'm sure there will come a day when I might find it useful.
Since I am fearfully and wonderfully made in my Creator's image - He made me the way I am for His good reasons. His Word tells me that I'm the apple of His eye, His favorite. 'But' -
There should be no 'but'! 'Buts' are lies of the enemy. My current position involves exposing the lies of the enemy and replacing them with the truth that's found only in Christ.
I need to take authority over the things in my life that don't glorify Him, that is a fact. If I spend the time with Him that He desires to spend with me - I'm thinking my brain will turn on and off when it's supposed to. Spending one-on-one time with Him allows me to become more and more like Him, and enables me to reflect Him to the lost world around me - sometimes without saying a word.
I'm only human is a cop-out. I'm not merely human, I'm a spirit, with a soul[mind] living in a human body. Any limits are self-imposed.

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  1. Helen, I pray for you to have sweet sleep. I am turning off your switch right now. Good night.