Monday, February 15, 2010

That Mystery Key

My sister and I talked last night. We can talk for hours about everything and nothing, but when my husband asks what we found to talk about for so long I come up with remarkably little to tell him.
But last night one of the many things we touched on was our never-ending battle with weightloss and being healthy. It's a topic I find myself taking part in with all my friends at one point or another. I'm finding it seems to be at the heart of a lot of women. No wonder so many magazine articles and books are written on the topic. Everyone has something to say on the matter.
We mused over how rich we'd be if we could find the key to unlock the secrets we all search for throughout the years...
In my search I've found some very powerful keys. But the one key that eludes me so far, is the key my sister and I hammered away at last night... how do we get ourselves to use all the other keys we've already found?
We know the bottom-line. We need to exercise more and eat properly and basically commit to becoming disciplined.
But the foods we're not supposed to be poisoning our bodies with taste so good!
And let's face it, some of us were just not born to love exercising! For some of us, it is a chore that we cannot comprehend every finding pleasurable.
My husband loves to work-out. He does it all the time. He spent a long career with the US military, from the Marine Corps to the Air Force. After he retired he became a city cop. He plans a third career as well after he gets his city pension... but he's always been physical. Me? Not so much. I do love to hike, but not for the exercise - just because I love to explore the beauty of my world.
I've been reading Rick Warren's book The Purpose Driven Life and finding so many rich nuggets of wisdom to incorporate into my lfe. But just like incorporating the dieting and exercise into my life, Mr. Warren's nuggets of wisdom hang out there in front of me - like targets to hit or points to be acquired.
What is the missing key? Why does getting across this vast plain of where I am to where I know I need to be seem such a difficult task?
I make my plans, but don't follow through. Can it really be as simple as it appears? Am I just a lazy, undiscipline woman that's frustrated with the way I seem to have been put together?
This is my quest: to find that mystery key. What will open this door for me? Better yet, what will make me walk through it? I don't want to wait for a tragedy that leaves me with no choices.....

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