Sunday, May 2, 2010

From My Heart to Yours

For all of us who have ever had trouble letting go of growing children - I give you a poem that shared my heart with my children. Yes, it's a good thing that they grow up and learn to fly on their own. But the temptations to want to hang on to them can be strong. The ache that's left in your heart can be real. But yes, this is a good thing.

My child ~
Not all that long ago I held you in my arms
I looked into you bright blue eyes and counted all your charms.
I brushed the hair back from your brow and danced with you one night
I knew that you would never ever vanish from my sight.
So chubby and so tiny were you lying on my chest,
I loved to watch you sleeping, as I rocked you and you'd rest.
So little then, you'd soon grow up and toddle, then you'd run,
I'd watch you play and laugh and sing, just having so much fun.
Although some day you'd step outside to search for your own way
I knew that you would never really ever go away.
You'll soon discover that the world out there is larger than it seems,
and venture to uncover that there are some distant dreams.
And though you'll travel through them and wind up quite far from home,
Know that you will really never ever be alone.
Though our hands won't touch each other and our eyes cannot see far,
I'll be right there beside you, no matter where you are.
Our hearts are tied together with a yarn that cannot break,
That yarn can stretch a thousand miles and still more stretching take.
It can wrap itself around the world that you will try to travel,
And though it stretches out that far, it never will unravel.
It will provide a way for you to come back home to me,
While still allowing you to dance and know that you are free.
It will never tie you up or try to keep you here with me,
It will link the distance from my heart to where you need to be.
The strand of yarn that holds us close was with you from the start,
It started out inside of me-it tied you to my heart.
It tugs ever so gently when you grow a little more,
but it ripples with excitement when it looks at what's in store.
You're growing up more everyday and seeing who you are,
But when your heart looks back at mine, you've not gone very far.
Your walk may take you miles away to search for who you'll be,
But I know that in your heart you'll still be holding onto me.
I'm proud of who you are and it blesses me to know,
That this bond that is between us will do nothing else but grow.
The day may come, I hope it won't, when I may disappoint you,
But still you'll love me with the love I know you have inside of you.
Someday you'll think that I'm displeased with something that you've done,
But know that in your mother's heart will be a place to run.
Just reach out when you feel afraid or when your heart grows weak,
I'm holding out to hold you up and stand you on your feet.
My heart rejoices every time I look into your eyes,
And every time I see your face my heart is hypnotized.
There is no place so far away, there's nothing you can do,
To keep my heart from reaching or from calling out to you.
I love you with a special love I didn't know before,
By loving you God's shown me how He loves me even more.
My love for you is great and yet it's growing greater still,
Through you God shows His Love for me-I know He always will.
The Love that God's provided that entwines your heart with mine,
Doesn't even scratch the surface of His precious Love Divine.
For He loves us even moreso than I think that we can fathom,
Even greater than our heart could ever venture to imagine.
So go on, grow up and find your way, discover who you are,
Our love will never dim or fade, but outshine all the stars.
That's why the Lord has given us each other don't you know,
To show us how things work with Him, no matter where we go!
From my heart to yours,
All my love ~ Mom

~Helen Williams! c 2002


  1. Beautiful! Wiping tears! Thank you for sharing from your heart, Rita

  2. Beautiful. I also had to keep wiping tears away so I could read it. Thank you for sharing. Jennifer Hoskins

  3. Helen you are amazing. I loved this poem so much I emailed it to my son in CA. Thank you again for writing this beautiful poem.
    Jennifer Hoskins

  4. I am going to miss Kim so bad when she goes to Ft. Irwin... and Ben sent pictures yesterday and all I want to do is give him a hug... Sniff, sniff... I miss him. But good news! He is coming home for a visit this summer! All my kids do me proud!