Friday, May 14, 2010


Don’t think you can save the Word for a ‘special’ occasion!
Every minute is a special occasion whether we recognize it or not.

Lately I’ve been reading The Message paraphrase of the Bible, quite simply, because it’s the version my daughter Sandee reads. Whatever I’m reading for the day in King James or NIV or whatever translation I’m reading it in becomes twice as long. How would Sandee read this? What words would her eyes fall upon? I’ve fallen in love with The Message as it makes familiar passages even more personal. As I read the words in front of me, I feel as though I’m slipping into an incredibly expensive yet warm and cozy sweater that’s been given to me as a gift. I hesitate, as if I might snag the sweater or spill something on it. Perhaps I should save it for special occasions. Yet I giggle with anticipation each time I look at it, or take it out to admire. Dare I put it on? Dare I indulge?

Well what do I think I’m waiting for? Living is for today. I recall an email that circulated a while ago about a man going through his wife’s drawers for the clothes he’d take to the mortician. He came across a beautiful camisole she’d delicately wrapped and stowed away for a special occasion that never came.

Immersing myself into God’s Word is indulgent. I’m never more elegantly arrayed. No special occasion? Every minute of every day is a special occasion that will never be lived out again. And I need to be clothed in this royal apparel. Yes, I dare!

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