Wednesday, June 16, 2010

RFDS - Part 3 - The Dream

If you've not read the previous two posts - this one may seem quite out of the blue...

This is one of two dreams I had one right after the other, with the same interpretation.

It took place at night on a country cinder-road. A man was buried in the road up to his neck. He was completely defenseless. Somehow I knew that he didn’t deserve to be where he was, he was an innocent man. There stood over him a man who appeared to be a mafia type character, mocking him and talking harshly to him, swearing, accusing him of things, putting him down and snickering at him as he swung a large golf club at his head, hitting him repeatedly. The man’s head became bloody and disfigured. He cried, he screamed and begged for mercy. The man ignored his pleas, laughing louder with every whack of the golf club, seemingly taking great pleasure in tormenting the man. From the side of the road I cried and begged for mercy for the man, insisting that he hadn’t done anything wrong. I went unheard. I was invisible.
A semi-truck approached, his headlights shined brightly in the darkness. There was no way the driver would see this bloody little head sticking up in the road. The mafia man laughed loudly as he calmly and confidently walked off to the other side of the road to watch, gleefully, as the man was killed.
I screamed to the truck driver, unheard. I ran out and jumped in front of the man’s head putting my hands up as if to stop the truck. In an instant, the truck stopped just before hitting us, inches from my hand.
I woke up, frightened.

The interpretation:
Since I am all the characters in the dream, it's gross to think that I am not only the innocent man in the ground being bloodied, but I am also the man swinging the golf club, laughing!
The man buried in the road represents me – innocent because I am washed in the blood of the Lamb, buried with Christ. Defenseless, because my only defense is Jesus, there is nothing I can do for myself.
The mafia man represents the me that is always beating myself up and putting myself down. The blows to the head represent the battlefield of my mind, the fights I've allowed to go on in there. I torment myself with the lies of the devil by allowing his lies into my mind and believing them. Lies that say I’m unworthy, I’m worthless, I’m guilty, I’m fat, I’m ugly and a waste of time – all the insults the mafia man hurled at the man in the ground.
The semi-truck represents sure death.
The invisible me represents the spirit of God that lives within me that came to my defense, able even to stop a racing semi-truck on a dime, preventing my needless, pointless death.

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  1. When I read your dream I was horrified by your dream. Then reading your interpretation then it all made sense. I love reading all that you have written. Again you amaze me, I wish you all the best in all you do and God Bless you.