Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Another Vivid Dream

Not for the sqeamish, another vivid dream.

Strangers in a Foreign Land

They were in a foreign land, like China –an Asian country. Amidst many other travelers, two couples rode on a trolley-car type train across major roadways in a huge city. Oddly, several loud, obnoxious, fat, college aged Americans seemed to be the ones in control of the train, acting as conductors. At the time no one seemed to suspect the train had been taken over. The conductors served the passengers a tempting plate of goodies; brownie bites, cookies, chocolate fudge and the like. The woman watching her weight knew she shouldn’t indulge, but the temptation was too much, she ate her fill. Everyone on board the train partook.
Back at their hotel, though the husbands were tired too, they went out on their own, but the ladies were so sleepy they had to nap. While they were sleeping, or drugged by the goodies and unconscious, they were raped.
Upon waking, they knew something horrible had happened to them but looked for reasons to explain it away and dismiss it. They were ashamed and didn’t talk about it with each other – until the younger woman admitted to the older one that she was sore ‘down there’ – confused and terrified as to why.

I woke up.

As Christians we are strangers in a foreign land, indulging in temptations to sin.
Sin weakens the Bride of Christ – causing her to ‘sleep’ or be apathetic about what happens to the body.
The Bride of Christ is being raped while she ‘sleeps’ – while others, the protectors (perhaps pastors or others in leadership roles?) in the body ‘sleep’ or look the other way.

Key: stop indulging in temptation/sin

Words that can replace ‘rape’: violated, made ‘un-whole’, damaged, crushed, torn apart, invaded, divided, confused, shamed, laughed at & mocked, innocence taken, quieted, suppressed, emptied, scarred, scared, intimidated, robbed, numbed, shocked, devastated, trashed, used and abused.


  1. This dream is filled with symbolism. Your subconsciousness and/or the Spirit is putting it all together what is going on.

  2. For years I didn't dream - or at least I didn't remember the dreams I had.... but now I've been dreaming quite a bit lately.... Thanks for your comment!