Monday, January 17, 2011

My 'Difficult Person' Story

Who is your ‘difficult’ person? Is it your mother-in-law? Your nosey neighbor? Your step-child? Your boss? Is it your paper boy? Your spouse’s ex? Or the check-out lady at your favorite store? Now would be a good time to say their name out loud.

Graciously, God has forgiven me, so there's no shame attached to my ‘difficult person’ story. I’ve shared it before.

My father-in-law lives with us and has for several years now. He's not a likeable person. He's paranoid, dirty, has quirky habits and a disgusting past. When we took him in I didn’t realized what a long-term responsibility it would be. I admit it; I have some very carnal-minded days.

One morning my mind gave way to the images filling my head.

I saw God joyfully and protectively holding a most precious treasure in His hands. With determination, He looked through all of creation for the perfect place to put His treasure. He smiled with delight, almost giggling as He said, "Oh here! There's plenty of room in Dave and Helen's hearts." -And He deposited this man into our home and into our lives.

What I'd shamefully found revolting is one of God's greatest treasures; my father-in-law. I'm humbled. God has entrusted this treasure to our household -to our hearts and I'd resented it far too much for way too long. What was one woman's 'junk' is God's greatest treasure!

After asking God to forgive me and love this man through me - something inside of me has changed. My hearts now breaks over this man. This man that won't even acknowledge there is a God, is one of God's favorite treasures. Pray with me if you will for God's treasure: Donald Lee Williams.

I will be praying for you and your ‘difficult’ treasure.

Matthew 25:40 (KJV) Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.


  1. Thanks, Helen, for sharing this difficult story. Many difficult people come into our lives and yet looking back - they are the ones that have helped us to grow.

  2. This story is very touching, Helen. I'm sure it hits home for a lot of people in various ways. Thanks for reminding us to keep looking for God's blessings in the most unexpected places. - marla B.

  3. I know God puts difficult people in my life to stretch me and to test my obedience. I don't like it and I tend to try to avoid those people but when I give in and embrace the ones he puts in my life I find that I gain much from them in my giving.

  4. Very good Helen. I enjoyed this very much. And I am being "stretched" incredibly at this time with a "difficult" person in my family. I needed this. Thank you.