Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Writing Spa Contest

One life (one spirit) filled with billions of stories wrapped in blankets of time holding eternity in our hearts.

Our billions are stories beg to be told. I’ve written poetry that makes people cry and stories that make people think and blog posts that have challenged the way people believe. But they aren’t doing their job if people can’t read them.

I recently read the book ‘Thin Places’ by Mary DeMuth. It opened my eyes to the boldness we need to be sharing to make the impact on the lives around us that God created us to bring healing to. We can’t dodge the facts. We can’t sugar coat things and just hope that people get the drift of what we’re trying to share. Most importantly – we have to be an eager listener and write what God shows us to write.

Here’s an opportunity to find open doors and go where you may have been afraid to go before. Mary Demuth herself is reaching out to help aspiring writers make their way to the published world with a contest. I’m very excited about it and am sharing it with you here – hoping to encourage you and inspire you to shake off the chains that have held you back so far and step out in faith.

Of course the winner of the contest will be blessed with fantastic prizes you can read all about here, copy and past this into your internet browser:!/notes/the-writing-spa/win-the-market-guide-a-proposal-tutorial-and-a-5-page-critique-from-mary/183524171672295

But even if you don’t win the contest – let this cause you to stir up the gifts God has placed within you! God bless everything you put your hands to – especially your keyboards!

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