Thursday, March 10, 2011

Diana's Angels

On occasion you may feel a gentle tugging on your heart
As angels gently play with your heart strings
The little angels practice for the day they’ll get their harp
Soon after that they hope they’ll get their wings
The fluttering you feel when little troubles come your way
Might simply be the angels in a rush
You see, they bind together to protect you everyday
To calm your heart they usher in a hush
They whisper on your shoulder things you should and shouldn’t do
They gently catch your tears each time you cry
They tell you how you’re special,
that you’re loved by You-Know-Who
They lift you up in prayer each time you sigh
They wake you in the morning and they sing to you at night
They love to hear the music of your voice
They run to tell your Father
when you’re walking in His Light
They know that He has given you that choice
They watch to see your movements, how you choose the things you do
They ponder in amazement when you pray
They know how much you mean to God, He gave His Son for you
Their mission is to bless you every day!
~Helen Williams! c 2002

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