Sunday, March 13, 2011


I was recently enlightened and relieved of a heavy burden. I’ve tried my hand at two novels now, only to stop short of completing them because I felt that before winding up ‘the point of the story’ I needed to show ‘step-by-step’ how-to guidelines, woven into the story that would help the reader achieve what my main character(s) found through their stories. What a silly, self-imposed notion. Talk about lack of trust in your readers! God ever so lovingly revealed to me that everyone’s steps to maturity and freedom in Him will be different. Our questions – and the answers to our questions, will vary. My purpose is simply to confirm and assure that there are answers, and that He has them. Whew!

I imagine that most of us carry around a misconception of some sort. I challenge you to listen for the Voice of relief – it’s the voice of release as well.

God didn’t design us to run in circles with our eyes closed and our fingers in our ears, crying because we’re lost. He didn’t create us to be mindless robots that comply with instructions issued centuries before we were born. He made us to bear His image in this world and the next. After sin entered the world, mankind discovered a void in our hearts that can only be filled by His life giving force – His Spirit, His love. Seek where we may – we can only find fulfillment and purpose after submitting to His love and direction. He doesn’t lord over us to show how important He is or because His ego is larger than life. He is Lord because He is God and Creator of all. Through our submission and awe, His love can be spilled out into our world that’s dying of emptiness. And more than anything else – He wants us to be loved.



  1. I guess we need to be living novels and leave the lessons learned in our readers up to God!

    Now, time to get back to your novels!! :)


  2. Perhaps we sometimes second-guess ourselves too much at times? Get those novels up and running!