Thursday, March 17, 2011


If God created us simply to ‘use’ us He surely wouldn’t keep so many ‘useless’ people around.

God created us to love us and for us to return His love and share His love with each other.

Go into nursing homes or hospitals where people are not expected to live much longer. Look at the faces of the limp, near lifeless bodies attached to machines, lying in beds with no hope of ever getting up again. Look at the frail bodies of those without family to come visit them, as they wither away, curled up on their bed, facing a wall alone in a dark room. Look into the eyes of those institutionalized for life, either because of insanity or such severe mental handicap they can’t take care of themselves. Look even into the hearts of the convicted criminals on death row.

The lives of these people look ‘useless’ to many of us looking in from the outside. But these are not useless lives. God loves every soul trapped in those bodies. He still has purpose for them. There is no life He won’t fill, no soul He doesn’t love, no one whose love He will turn away.

Maybe our purpose is to seek out their purpose.

Maybe in showing them God’s love, they can show us God’s love in ways we can’t even yet imagine. Just maybe – He has treasures there, for us!

Don’t stop there; look into the tears of the woman in a battered women’s shelter, into the eyes of a lonely child abandoned to an orphanage. Look into the soul of the homeless person on the street corner, into the world of the couple in line at the welfare office, into the stories that the old man at the diner is just dying to tell someone…..

Look. Looking is one of the biggest parts of seeking. Seek God. Seek His purposes.