Thursday, May 10, 2012

Magnify the Lord?

I’d never thought about it before, but our pastor recently pointed out the meaning behind the scripture that tells us to magnify the Lord. How can we magnify God? What is bigger than God? How can we possibly make Him bigger?

But when I put a bug under a magnifying glass, he looks bigger - to me!
When I look through a telescope, the moon looks bigger – to me!
When I put my glasses on and begin to read, the words look bigger and clearer – to me!

When I dwell on a situation that looks to me like it could drag me under, I’m magnifying that problem, it looks bigger - to me!

And when I lift up my voice to God and praise His holy Name, I can clearly see that He is bigger than what I’m struggling with. This is how we magnify God, we make Him look bigger - to us - by focusing on Him and not the problems. By bringing Him into focus, we can see more clearly. We don’t need a bigger God; we need to see Him bigger. Adjusting the focus is something we do on our end. We choose to point our eyes to Him or to the problems that pull us down.

O magnify the LORD with me, and let us exalt his name together. -Psalm 34:3 (KJV)

When we know that allowing God to become bigger in our own eyes makes our problems easier to trust Him with, we’ll, of course, want to invite everyone we know to magnify Him and exalt His Name together with us. It’s what love does – shares solutions!

Won’t you join me? Start with a simple praise song and allow yourself to focus on God today. In a few minutes you may have to readjust your focus. An hour from now you may have to remind yourself again. Keep fine tuning. Keep singing and praising and worshipping the King of Kings, till your focus is correct and you’re seeing things from His point of view.

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  1. What an eye opener! (Pun sort of intended.) I always thought about magnifying the LORD as making him clear to others; but what you are saying makes perfect sense. Yes, I will join you! Let us magnify the LORD, and may we continually see him BIGGER AND BIGGER!