Friday, July 6, 2012

Humpty Dumpty Sat on a......

So these walls that seem to bounce our prayers back to us as though they never pierced the heavenlies, what do they look like and how do we tear them down?

I can only write from my perspective and the things I believe God has shown me. You have your own journey, your own discoveries and revelations and promises to cherish. I hope you’ll share them with those you love. Seldom is revelation to be kept secret, we cannot hide our light under a basket; we’re instructed to let it shine.

The love God fills us with is none other than His own love. He professes love because He IS love. This love doesn’t cause an illumination around us that’s merely an inch or two deep, the light of this love radiates all the way from one soul to another and back.

One plan of the enemy is to convince us to keep to ourselves, that our lives are no one else’s business and their lives are none of our business; all foolishness and lies.

It’s easy for Satan to convince us to keep to ourselves in a society that breeds interaction through electronic means. It’s easy to hide our feelings behind a computer screen. But there is give and take via the internet. There can even be a degree of intimacy. The written word is powerful. Forgiveness can be extended, encouragement can be given, and sorrow can be related, we can entertain, we can uplift and teach, we can share prayers and needs, all through social media. Time and thoughts can be shared quite well over long distances, but generally speaking, we can love more intimately through touch.

The people we surround ourselves with on a daily basis either know we have nothing to give them, or have the privilege of receiving the love of God we share. If we’re not sharing it, there can only be two reasons why: 1) We haven’t received it 2) We’ve been deceived into believing our love isn’t good enough to share. If you’ve received God’s love, it is the only love truly worth sharing.

We all have comfort zones, but I believe we sometimes use them as invisible safety nets. Of course, when the Holy Spirit of God nudges us to proceed with caution, there is trouble ahead. But hiding from awkward situations or circumstances that create an obvious uneasiness because we’re afraid or feel we’re unequipped to face them means we’ve not taken the necessary time to prepare ourselves for the missions God’s placed in our way. God doesn’t call the equipped, He equips those He calls, and I don’t believe you’d be reading this if He hadn’t called you.

I plan to share new blog posts in this series every other day to keep this train of thought moving forward and not overwhelm anyone with thousands of words in one single post. So stay tuned for more.

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