Monday, September 16, 2013

What Are You Looking At?

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Have you seen one of these VW Bugs with eyelashes?

While driving home the other day I thought, “Lord, what should I blog about next?” There in front of me was a pretty Bug with eyes making me smile and ask, “What are you looking at?” And there I had my answer.

What are we looking at?
Do we see the rocks on the trail, or the flowers that adorn our way?
Are we looking for evidence for what we want to believe, or for reasons why we believe what we do?
Are we looking to our future with anticipation or carrying the weight of the conclusions that we’re bound to fail?
Are we looking for excuses to give up, or reasons to step forward?

There are so many directions to look, so many things to see in the various areas of our lives.

I think we generally see what we’re looking for, although occasionally we are surprised.
Sometimes when I reckon my checkbook, I may expect to be “in the red” but delight in finding out I’m not.
I may tentatively get on the scale, expecting to have gained a few pounds, but sigh with relief when I see that I haven’t.

But, if I’m looking for reasons to be lazy today instead of being productive and whittling away my to-do list, I’ll most likely be found sitting here playing on my laptop or perhaps even taking a nap. If I look to fail, I will.

Where is my focus? I’m focused on what I’m looking at.

When Dave and I go to the shooting range, if I’m not looking at my target, I’m not going to hit it. This applies to life in general, too. If I have no goals, how can I move forward? If I look at the television all day, nothing on my to-do list will get marked off by bedtime.

So, what’s the scope I’m looking through? At the shooting range, it’s easy; the scope is there on my gun. But, by what do I aim my life? Are there sights I can line up with; to live my life by?

Yes, indeed, I have available to me sights to line my life up within, a scope with which I can find my objectives.

God’s Word, commonly called the Bible, provides everything we need to live a life that’s filled with peace and will keep us in line to reach our goals, IF we apply what He says to us.

This is the scope through which we need to stay focused.

What are you looking at?

“The steps of a good man are ordered by the LORD: and he delighteth in his way. Though he fall, he shall not be utterly cast down: for the LORD upholdeth him in his hand.”  Psalm 37:23 & 24  (KJV)

“Cast your burdens upon the LORD and he shall sustain thee: he shall never suffer the righteous to be moved.”  Psalm 55:22  (KJV)

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