Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Love With Me

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With one foot here in the reality we see and one in the heavenlies, unseen by carnal eyes, knowing where my allegiance is pledged, I daily dance between the two. I note that I’m heavier here on Earth, literally. There are burdens here weightier than gravity itself. It’s so liberating to exhale on the other side and allow the heaviness to lift, setting it free.

I yearn to discover what it’s like to mentally and spiritually live there continuously, whilst walking here among the mortals, without being accused of being so heavenly minded that I’m no earthly good.

Do I even know anyone, personally, who honestly revels in this freedom? (Please take the minute to comment below if you are one of those people and tell me how you do it!)

One of my sister writers (Donna Martin) made mention that our worth isn’t determined by our I.Q., but by what we allow to grow in our hearts. If we approach life through what our hearts can embrace versus what our minds can conceive and understand, how different will our lives look?

Yes, I’ll admit I’d like to understand everything. But what if everything isn’t meant to be understood? Or what if everything isn’t meant to be understood….yet?  I ponder so many what ifs…. We will always enjoy mystery.

I find simple things so mesmerizing. A baby’s smile, ripples on water, dancing leaves, sunshine reflecting off most anything, harmonies, delicate flower petals, sometimes it’s nothing in particular that can hypnotize me, demanding an almost trance-like attention, as if I’m being teleported to another dimension. Is it merely the ADHD? Or is it deep calling out to deep? Does a part of me leave Earth for a glimpse of heaven?

I suppose it’s the part of me that’s probably buried in everyone, whether they know it or not, that longs to be part of something bigger, that allows me to connect with God and His splendor; His peace and the awareness that there’s more to life than what I see with my eyes.

Today, I ponder wonder itself. And I marvel over everything wonderful in my life. The divine entwined with the tangible; the known with the unknown and the accepted with the rejected, all within my grasp….

Just how powerful am I? How marvelous and wonder-filled is my existence? As surely as God loves me, His love resounds within me and boldly breaks out of me like an avalanche, toppling over everything in its way – until it reaches you. What will you do with it? Will you let me love you with this tender, yet passionate love? Will you surrender to it and embrace it? Or will you run from it; hide from it? Will you deny it? Yes, it’s overwhelming, but don’t be alarmed. When my inhibitions fade, and I’m no longer afraid to open up, I’m vulnerable, too.

Will you be vulnerable with me? Or leave things broken, just as they are?

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