Sunday, August 3, 2014

Have a Potato Chip?

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I know there were several points our pastor made this morning that I totally planned on chewing on here in today’s blog post, but as I look at my notes, nothing is jumping out at me screaming, “Me! Me! Pick me!” He did mention Romans 4:17, I noted that – but he went in a little different direction than I’m pondering right now.

“…God creates new things out of nothing.” – the last few words of Romans 4:17 (NLT) More familiar might be the King James Version, “…[He] calleth those things which be not as though they were.”

In my own life, I’ve been observing the power of my words and noticing more carefully the words that others choose to use. Why, I ask myself, do I continue to spew out negative words when I’ve already recognized the damage they do, and “forget” my positive words, knowing full well they bring life and good?

I can’t expect anyone around me to do what I resist. They may be much better at watching the words they choose to use, but, realistically, I can’t expect it of them; especially when those around me are those for whom I should be setting a good example.

If surprised by the question, “Do you choose the words you use?” I’d quickly answer yes. But, honestly, I tend to blurt out words before thinking sometimes. Okay, let’s face it, I do it a lot.

So, how can I expect my life to go the direction I want it to go if I’m not willing to put in the effort to plan and prepare for it? Any diet program will tell you that you won’t be successful with weight loss if you don’t plan what you’re going to eat. Eating whatever is convenient won’t help your battle if what is convenient is junk food. Purposely and thoughtfully making sure that what’s convenient is something that’s also on your diet plan is the only way to make that diet work. When junk food is available, it’s far too tempting to resist, even when we know better.

I’m pondering the point that it’s exactly the same with the words we choose to express our lives.

If I continue to belittle myself or criticize the state I’m in, knowing that there is power in my words, I’m bringing on my own troubles. Even if I don’t realize how much power is in my words, they’re still powerful; just like donuts will always be fattening, even if I don’t realize it. Laws and principles are there, whether we acknowledge them or not.

Made in God’s image, our words can be just as creative as His – calling things to be, which were not; creating new things out of nothing. I know I’ve written on this before, but my point to ponder today is why, once we know this law, or principle, we still slack in exercising it to our advantage.

How can it be merely laziness, since it requires no more effort to use good, positive, life-giving words than it does to use words that lead to lack, destruction and death? I guess if I want to relate back to the diet example, it could be for the same reason we continue to stock junk foods in our cupboards: we secretly want it, even while knowing it’s poison.

Perhaps it all boils down to discipline……..and how badly we want something?
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  1. wow...I'll take two! I taught vocational education for 15 years, a very complex subject which a failure to grasp the concepts could cause the loss of life or limb. It wasn't until social media hit that 'my' views became public as described 'social media' is a place where one expresses their opinions. It is here where I regret my sarcastic tongue and quick responses without the benefit of careful thought. But then again it is there where I am not the teacher but a student of the new generation of electronic life interaction. Thank you for your insight as it will remind me to be more vigilant and better disciplined in my choice of words.

    1. Your comment blows me away, it's no doubt one of the most thought-through comments ever made on my blog! Thank you! :D