Friday, July 10, 2015


Wednesday afternoon, I got my first ilybox!

Who doesn’t love getting a package in the mail in the first place?

I couldn’t wait to see what Crystal had tucked away in the first of many ilyboxes to come. I eagerly opened the packaging and snipped away the tape that sealed my ilybox.

I know you want to know what ilybox is, and you want to see it, too! So, I'll show you!

With the happy and phenomenal spirit of joy inspired entrepreneurialism, and everything else that must go in to starting your own business.... friend Crystal is officially introducing the world to the ilybox.

Just starting out, she’s looking for new customers and friends who will share her vision with those around us who need some encouragement. Yes, we’ll be encouraged ourselves, but, what’s greater is that we’re helping to fill a need in someone else’s life.

You’ve heard clichés about giving from the heart; about giving ‘til it hurts and about giving to those who cannot repay you.

The Bible even tells us that when we lend to someone, not to expect a return, but to rejoice in the blessings of those who can and eventually will be able to repay you. So, you’re not just happy about the fact that you’re getting back what you lent or gave away, you’re truly rejoicing for the prosperity of the individual you gave to in the first place, whether you knew them or not.

Even when our lives are at their best, we have rough days.

But, when we find ourselves in the low spots – in the hospital, in jail or even in a shelter of some sort in need of rescue, our rough days are numbered in sequential order, sometimes with no end in sight.

When someone comes along and unexpectedly blesses us, the excitement is multiplied by the unexpectedness of it.

Crystal Ferry is sharing her love – and ours, with the women around us who need it the most. She’s inviting us to share our love and encouragement and support with women we don’t even know, through her new ministry and business, ilybox.

You’ll see this on her website, but here’s her heart-filled mission.

“Ilybox is a monthly subscription box that brings hope, love, and inspiration through scripture, challenges, and amazing products. We strive to give God the glory with everything we create and do….

For every ilybox purchased, an #ilygoxo box will be supplied to someone in need of God’s love whether that be in a hospital, jail, women’s shelter, at-risk youth shelter, or elsewhere. Our goal is to supply the world with hope and encouragement.”

"For every ilybox purchased, an #ilygoxo (ilygoxo = I love you – go – x.o.) box will be given to someone in need at the location of your choice whether that be in a jail, hospital, or women’s shelter. We strive to meet Jesus’ command in Mark 16:15 that says “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.”

The #ilygoxo boxes will be slightly different than the ilybox because they’re curated for outreach, discipleship, and bringing more people to Christ.

#ilygoxo is the heart of the ilybox.”

Each ilybox will deliver encouragement and love. Though the contents will be different each month, this box held:


*the sweetness of Divine Chocolate (their story is on the inside of the chocolate wrapper - that's all that's left of my milk chocolate and toffee bar.....)

*inspiration from scripture on beautifully designed cards – ilycards
*30 challenges to spark my inspiration

*the reminder to let my light shine with a Bright Band

*the gift of relaxation through a MacDaddySoaps bath bomb fizz ball

*a journal

*and the joys of receiving AND giving – all packaged beautifully – as a gift!

Go explore the ilybox website; you’ll want to take part in sharing the love, too – Crystal has provided me my very own unique 10% off coupon code – to share with YOU! When you place your first order, use this discount code: VIPHW10

God bless you, Crystal - and all that you put your heart and mind and hands to!

Here’s the link to see what ilybox is all about:

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  1. That sounds really cool, Helen! What a great project!