Friday, September 3, 2010

Ezer Part 10

Since God trusts us with the privilege of choice, I don’t believe we can rightly force others to believe the way we do – but believing as I do, I want desperately for others to live in freedom and look forward to the promise of heaven. I passionately want those I love to be spared eternity in the torments of hell. I can argue with God all I want that the people around me lack the capacity to make the wise choice. He doesn’t believe me at all. [smile]

While recently at the hospitals for tests, when Dave’s father argued to leave before the doctor cleared him to leave, some of us wanted to override his choice. He’d have been left with a very expensive bill that Medicare would not have paid and the tests they were running on him would have been rendered incomplete and therefore worthless. Fortunately, he wound up staying until the doctors had a diagnosis and were willing to send him home with antibiotics and oxygen for an infection and pneumonia. But he fussed and complained the whole time that he wanted the contraptions he was hooked up to unhooked and to put his clothes back on so he could go home. That would have been very unwise, but it was his choice to make. I presume he stayed because we argued back with him and gave him reason after reason to stay. But if they’d have wanted to admit him overnight we’d have either had to honor his choice or override his right to choose. Knowing we wouldn’t want anyone to override our right to choose, we’re glad it didn’t come to that.

Choose wisely.

Come back in a few days for more!

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