Sunday, December 12, 2010

Ezer Rejoicing Still

In the busyness of life we sometimes lose the sense of awe and wonder that constantly surround us. Here in the wonderful land of the Rockies – it’s actually possible to drive around and miss out on seeing the beauty of the mountains, simply because I’m focused on something internal.

If I can drive down the streets of Colorado Springs and not see the mountains – what am I missing in my own home?

Is it possible I focus on self and on the things in my own little world so much or so intently that I close my eyes to the grandeur of the love of God lighting my way through the people God’s placed in my life?

The love for me in my husband’s eyes is incredibly profound. So how is it I don’t see it in moments when I’m angry with him over something petty. I must be so focused on myself that I’m momentarily blinded to the love around me.

I rejoice in choice. I don’t always understand why I choose what I do – but I take great joy in choosing, because God trusts me enough to allow me to choose.

Today and everyday forward, I choose to find love in everyone – from the precious gift of my husband, to the lady standing on the corner by Wal-Mart clenching a sign that begs for money; from the treasure of my children and grandchildren, to the man that cuts me off in traffic only to slow down in front of me.

Today and everyday forward, I choose to rejoice in the love that God surrounds me with through the people He’s placed in my life – the good and the not-so-good, and the beauty He’s filled my world with – the mountains and the ant hills, the sunshine and the cloudy skies, wild flowers and weeds, gentle breezes and wind that blows me off my feet, waterfalls and mud puddles…’s all in perspective.

I choose to look for God’s perspective.


  1. I have something to share... This past week, I couldn't use my bank card anywhere so I called my back only to be informed that a hold was put on my card because of fraudulent activity. $500 worth of fradulent activity! I was so spit fire mad. How dare somebody hack my card number and use it for fraudulent activities. I even went so far as to hope that their Christmas tree burned down!

    Then after I simmered down... (cough, cough) I could hear that still small voice whispering to me. But aren't you glad that your husband has a job and there was money available to cover the amount taken? Aren't you happy that you will be remibursed most of it?

    Yes Lord...

    Maybe the person was in dire straits and didn't know any other way to get money? In desperate times people often resort desperate measures. Okay God, don't let their tree burn down and give them a Merry Christmas... the money wasn't mine it belongs to YOU. Thanks for reminding me that no matter what the circumstances my heart can always remain Merry because You are my provider!

  2. Great response, Debbie! And a great testimony, too. It's much easier to pray for someone instead of wish retaliation when we see them from God's perspective. I know personally, I've faced challenges where I've not WANTED to see certain people from God's point of view - because then I'd have to love them.... the way He wants me to. I can be so bad. But God loves me so good.... He's merciful and longsuffering with me.... patient, because He knows He's not finished with me yet.... and loving the unloveable becomes easier with each passing day!
    I love you, Deb!