Monday, May 30, 2011

Thank You For My Freedoms

SSgt Scott A. Williams US Army Airborne
Memorial Day celebrations peak our patriotism across the country. We pull our flags out and march in parades to honor our military men and women, the families that stand behind them – and the great nation we have because of them. God has truly blessed us with a wonderful land to call home and with the courage to be a people of honor and integrity, valuing the freedoms He’s given us to enjoy.

The average American cannot know the cost that goes into keeping our liberties. Sadly, many try to rob us of the privileges we enjoy as Americans, rights and freedoms that our own men and women sacrificed everything to give us. Many Americans have sacrificed their fortunes, their lives and their children’s lives so that we can live in the land of the free – the home of the brave.

Sgt Edward M Williams USMC

To everyone that’s ever made a sacrifice for me – thank you.

Thank you for sacrificing your own happiness and the happiness of your families to secure my freedoms. Thank you for your willingness to sacrifice on my behalf – to give completely of yourselves so that I can even trample the rights you’ve provided for me if I choose to. Thank you for your selflessness, your bravery, your integrity and your respect for us all, even those you disagree with.

To everyone reading this – thank you for your sacrifices and the sacrifices of those you love.

I especially thank the members of my own family and friends that have put their lives on the line by being a part of our great military force. I love you! (I don't have a pictue of Dave in uniform.)

MSgt David L. Williams US Air Force (Prior Marine)

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