Sunday, March 18, 2012

We Are Precious In His Sight.....

We don’t judge a pillow by the pretty case it’s tucked into. No, we hold it; we notice how it feels in our arms, snuggled under our head.
So why do we tend to judge each other by the flesh that encases who we are? We are spirits, with souls (mind, will and emotion), wrapped in a body.
Maybe, just maybe, if we took the same care in looking past the pillowcase to choose the pillow that will allow us rest and bring us peace, to look into each other, perhaps peace and rest would prevail in our hearts and lives.
All sorts of divisions exist because we look at the shell that contains us, rather than the common spirit we share. Hatred rears its ugly head over race or gender or wealth or beauty. We take offense because someone looks or behaves differently than we do. Why do some of us insist that we’re better than others? Quite seriously, I couldn’t handle a world full of Helens that look and behave just as I do.
We all received life from God the creator of everything. He didn’t create one to be loved more, or one to be despised. We’re simply encased differently – equipped with varying gifts with which we can edify each other – but instead, choose to turn everything into a competition and are driven to come out on top.
You’re a part of me – and I’m a part of you. We are part of a much bigger picture. We make it “all about me” when we fail to look for that bigger picture, and we miss out on some of the very best things in life.
We were created for intimacy, with each other and with God Himself.
Intimacy – into-me-see! Just do it.

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