Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Real Me - Part 2

The other night at church the speaker (Ivan Tait) said that we can make God say anything. By that, we can prove to ourselves that God is okay with something we want Him to be okay with…. Ivan told us not to look for deception. There will always be a scripture we can take out of context, and loving friends that will agree with what our mind and our flesh cry out for. This hit home for me with a resounding clamor of an iron hammer on a God-sized bell. No wonder peace seems just out of reach.
Ivan also said that Satan will find the candy that we like and provide it for us…. I won’t repeat his whole sermon here, but he also pointed out that morality is just an educated choice to avoid consequences; that unbelief is spiritual abortion; and that doubt and unbelief are often veiled as “being practical”.
That “being practical” thing reverberated with the clang of the hammer on the bell again. There are things that God has spoken or that I/we have dreamed about that my practicality says to be humored by, but don’t expect them. Ewww-that means I’m now admitting to the doubt and unbelief that holds me back.
I need to kill every idol in my heart. I heard something about that last night, too – but I’m not sure if it was the speaker, or one of the times God interrupted him in my heart. But before I can kill the idols, I have to identify them. That means looking for them so I can call them out.
The devil, called the accuser of the brethren for a reason, accuses, confuses, distorts and condemns us in attempts to disqualify us, to make us ineligible for heaven. He even goes so far as to accuse God’s own Word, to try to disqualify its effect in our lives. God breaks the pointing fingers in our minds. And yowza, when we start agreeing with the enemy, some of those fingers are our own…
To be continued……

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  1. I could relate. I seem to have many excuses when it comes to why I don't pray longer or why I don't sing much or why I don't study as much. They all seem like real reasons but the bottom line is what is important. Recently my son has had a lot of work hours and been under a lot of stress I can see it on him. So I have been praying a lot for him and his family. More than usual and guess what it feels right and I am driven to it. This should be the norm! Blessings