Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Real Me - Part 3

So I was pondering so many thoughts at once, I had to find a word picture to describe how overwhelmed I felt. Word pictures help me sort things out and remember things. I could see myself in a house that I was attempting to build. Materials had been provided for me, but my skills as a builder were sorely lacking. I’d no sooner put a beam up over here, and a wall began to fall over there. I ran to brace the wall and something else gave way. I was basically running around trying to save the work I’d already done instead of being able to build more.
Scripture indicates that when we build His house, He’ll build ours. (Read the book of Haggai, it’s only two chapter long.) Just as this verse rolled through my brain, it struck me, I’m actually building God’s house. I am His temple, His dwelling place! But I don’t remember it being so hard to concentrate and put the pieces in place when I was younger. I hate “chalking things up to getting older” – that line is getting, well, yes, old. But what’s changed? Why is it getting harder to multitask and get on with the building of the building?
My mortar is missing! It occurred to me that the mortar that holds all my materials together is praise – and worship. And though I do praise God for all the blessings in my life, and I worship Him for being God – I don’t do it as  often or as joyfully as I did when I used to sing. Singing allowed praise and worship to roll from my tongue as easily and nearly as often as I drew breath.
But, I seldom sing anymore. That’s what’s changed. That might be what’s missing.
That knocked the wind out of my sails.
To be continued….

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