Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Real Me

“This doesn’t bother the real me. This is just an illusion.”
God showed me this the last month; that all the struggles I wrestle with over my father-in-law aren’t bothering the real me at all. But Satan wants me to believe that they bother me to the point of bringing me down and shattering the thoughts in my own head. He wants me to believe that this one man will bring me down, push me over the edge, and tempt me to run away. He also wants me to believe that it’s okay with God if we find alternate living arrangements for this old man.
While reading I came upon a statement, “He knows this isn’t who I am.” God knows who I am far better than I know who I am. For me it’s about discovery, for God it’s about revelation.
This isn’t who I am – but I’ve been duped into believing it is. Yesterday I played with my granddaughter in the wonderful world of Hot Wheels. There was a play piece that you put a Hot Wheels car (or other toy) into, behind the door to a cylinder that could be rotated with the turn of a handle. It didn’t even turn all the way around. But while turned, our view of the car was distorted; we couldn’t see all of it. There were plastic bars hiding it from us. Instead of seeing the pretty yellow sports car we’d been chasing across the room, we now saw a yellow “something” hidden by the bars. When turned back, the car could be released to race another day. My point to ponder right now is that I am the same whether my view of myself is distorted or not. I’m turning around, to be released to live another day.
To be continued….. but ponder, perhaps: Are you seeing/being the real you?


  1. Like! I like your point to ponder! Love Deb

  2. Helen, I know the real you is loving and giving...I too have found that sometimes when we go through rough personal times it can be hard to hold on to that trying-to-be-godly person, and easier to slip back into our all-too-human skin. Testing is never fun -- all blessings to you -- Joy