Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Nothing Like a Great Meal!

This weekend was long. It started out fun but ended up wearing my patience thin.
You know that rumble you get in your stomach when it’s been too long since your last meal? That’s the rumble in my spirit when I’ve gone too long without God’s Word. It manifests itself in irritability and lack of patience, vulnerability to offense, among other things. My spirit feels angry when it’s hungry.
When I find I’m being easily offended, I either need to make time for a meal; some serious reading of the Word, or at the very least, a snack.
Christian books are great and there’s plenty of time for gleaning from the wisdom God shares with us to share with each other, but there’s nothing like digging into the Word.
Sometimes I opt to listen to the Word via – where you’re given the option to hear it read to you. So when I’m doing something mindless (and quiet), like dusting, I’ll do that. However, with as many questions that get filtered through my mind, I often stop my dusting, grab my pen and scribble notes. Failure to do so would result in me gleaning less from my meal; like standing up while scarfing down a quick burger. It may fill your belly, but it’s a lot less satisfying than sitting down to enjoy a full, healthy, meal with veggies. Not to mention the indigestion you’re likely to get from swallowing that burger without adequate time to chew.
So, while listening to the Bible is good, sitting down to absorb what I’m learning is better.
All of that said, the mere hearing of the Word will encourage our spirits and lift our moods. I find that the offense I may have been carrying around all morning is much easier to let go of, it’s easier to smile, it’s easier to make good decisions like – yes, I’ll go for that walk, instead of simply thinking about it while I snack or play around on the internet.
It’s much easier to be thankful in all things and it’s easier to love when we’re in God’s Word, consistently.
I’m reading Matthew today. Where are you?
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  1. This really resonates with me, great analogy and so true.