Thursday, June 27, 2013

Hearing God

In my last post I said I’d share some of Loren Cunningham’s points to remember on hearing the voice of God. For the rest of them, click here to go to Amazon to buy your own copy of his book, “Is That Really You, GOD?”

Mr. Cunningham points out that if you know Jesus as your personal Savior, you, in fact, have already heard God’s voice. For it was that inner leading that led you to Him in the first place. Through story, he unfolds how he learned to listen for and to God’s voice. And at the back of the book, he summarizes the points he’s made. He backs up his points with scripture.

He, by example, shows us that we need to submit to God’s lordship; asking Him to help us silence our own thoughts and desires and the opinions of others that may be filling our minds. (2 Corinthians 10:5). He candidly says that even though we have been given good minds to use, right now we want to hear the thoughts of the Lord, Who has the best mind!

Next, he tells us to resist the enemy; this point is backed up by one of my favorite scriptures in God’s Word. James 4:7 tells us to “resist the devil and he will flee from us…” But, too often we dismiss the beginning of the verse, almost not seeing it there at part of our instruction, the part that says, “submit yourselves to God, therefore…” Without submitting ourselves to God and His lordship, we resist the enemy in vain. We need to use the authority that Jesus has given us to silence the voice of the enemy. He indicates Ephesians 6:10-20 here, as well.

And then: expect an answer! Mr. Cunningham declares that after asking the question that is on our mind, we need to wait for Him to answer! We need to expect our loving heavenly Father to speak to us in whatever way He chooses. He will! (John 10:27; Psalm 69:13; Exodus 33:11).

I found this book to be very encouraging and promising. I recommend it to everyone who needs to hear from God. Be prepared, He will call you…..

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