Sunday, July 21, 2013

Spiritual Weapons Aren't Just Decorations

(Rick Renner, photo courtesy of
It’s easy to believe a lie, and to allow that lie to become a stronghold in our mind.

Sunday morning in church, the incredibly anointed man of God, Rick Renner taught about the battle that goes on in our minds every day, giving precious examples. It’s not a new subject, by any means. But, when you’re ready to hear a message it becomes tangible to you; the light bulb goes on in your mind and things begin to make sense; the lens through which we look at life seems to become a little more finely tuned and we see more clearly.

I bought a book Mr. Renner wrote on spiritual warfare. It’s a condensed version of his book, Dressed to Kill, called Spiritual Weapons to Defeat the Enemy. (If you click on any titles a link will take you to the book on Amazon.) I read the book this afternoon, it’s short, to the point and easy to read and understand. Understanding the Greek behind certain words in the New Testament sheds new light on what a passage actually means. In this book, he takes a deeper look at the meaning of the words devil, wiles, strongholds, devices, deception and several others. “Devil” is Satan’s job description, not his name. In short, he uses few weapons against us, but he uses them repeatedly, like banging a rock against our mind until he penetrates it and creates strongholds there with deceptive thoughts that we grab onto and accept.

Mr. Renner teaches us how to win the battle in our mind. In this little book, he doesn’t beat around the bush or use concepts that only a scholar could grasp, he speaks to us in terms we can understand and shows us how to use the whole armor of God to overcome and defeat the enemy. I highly recommend the book. I paid only $5 for the book and now have teaching I can look back to time and time again as I need to. Implementing his teaching will take a conscious decision on our part, because it’s not the way most of us have been living, though it’s clearly laid out for us in God’s Word.

Tomorrow I plan to read the other book I bought today, You Can Get Over It; How toConfront, Forgive and Move On.

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