Sunday, November 24, 2013

The Anointing in His Presence

(Now Faith available on
Who’s rubbing off on you?

Our pastor tells about when he had a camel named Kramer. Anyone could tell when he’d been spending time with Kramer; he smelled like Kramer.

What scent do we carry with us throughout the day? Can people tell we’ve spent time with God? I think they can, if, indeed we truly have spent time with Him. I don’t just mean taking a few minutes to breeze through some passage in the Bible that we read as an obligation; but truly spending time in God’s presence.

Sometimes I’ll see a woman with a glow and marvel; she’s a Christian and it shows. On occasion, I’ve even approached her to ask. Of course, she beams with joy to discover Jesus shining through her to whoever may gaze her way. That ‘pregnant glow’ that we hear tell of, is alive in her, too. Though she may not be pregnant with a baby, God’s Word is growing in her, to birth all sorts of blessings He wants to pour out on those around her.  

I may have noticed that ‘glow’ in you, too, in person, or through something you’ve written or shared via Facebook.

Right now I’m reading a book entitled, “Now Faith” by Cheryl Stasinowsky. Each page reveals tremendous evidence that she’s spent time in the presence of God. Her words are anointed. But, just as everything has its season, her words may not jump into your heart immediately, as they’re doing to me. I think the readiness of our heart enters into the equation, as well. I’m reading it slowly, and purposefully, it’s overwhelming me. I feel like I’m entering a holy place, wherever I’m at when I read it. I was in a drive-thru line the other day and I pulled out the book, even there, I felt God; alive and in my car with me, tangible. I’m getting ready for a new level of fulfillment; of anointing!

Join me? Let me smell some God on ya! Let me see your glow!

(To read all of Hebrews chapter 11, click on the blue link above.)

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