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There’s always so much more going on than just your thoughts. Your body is busy at being alive; your blood is always coursing through your veins, your nerves are continuously sending signals to your brain and a countless array of processes we don’t even have to contemplate to keep in motion. I’m quite certain I have no idea what my body is accomplishing at any given moment, merely to keep me functioning. And I’m just as certain that it would take few book volumes to describe the miraculous workings of the human body, so I won’t attempt to list them here in a short blog post.

In addition to everything that’s going on inside your body, the overwhelming activity that’s going on outside your body, even on a quiet sunny day while relaxing in the grass, is more than impressive. Every living thing around us is growing, and dying. Vibrations that cause sound and light waves are being generated, with or without our help. Whether we’re awake or sleeping, in a euphoric state or catatonic, happy as a lark or in the pits of despair – life goes on around us.

So, how is it we let ourselves get so wrapped up in our thoughts?

Yes, our thoughts can become words and our words have power, creative power.

We generally give our thoughts and our words the authority to run or to ruin our lives.

But, if we allow ourselves to stop our racing thoughts from becoming an avalanche, cascading down around us, and take a moment to simply marvel and wonder at everything else there is besides those thoughts – ahhh, what an incredible feeling. It’s a rush! Honestly, for me, it’s even more invigorating that thinking! And if you think I talk a lot (which I do), you should see the whirlwind of thoughts going on in this brain at any given moment.

There’s a word in the Bible that can mean to pause and consider; the Hebrew word for Selah. Hebrew words always mean more than our watered-down English versions, and are associated with pictures.

In the preceding paragraphs I’ve described my word-picture for Selah; that open-hearted moment when you simply stop what you’re doing, stop what you’re thinking and just “be”, experiencing what’s going on within you, as well as what’s going on around you. I encourage you to try it, today; right now, if you’ll allow yourself the time.

You’ll rest.

You’re marvel.

You’ll grow.

Your light will glow more brightly.

Your world will become endless.

“Stand in awe, and sin not: commune with your own heart upon your bed, and be still. Selah.” ~ Psalm 4:4 (KJV)

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