Sunday, December 21, 2014

Choosing to Cling

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 During a wedding the other day, my mind wandered a bit; my eyes were drawn to a statue of Mary. Unlike any statue of her I’ve seen, I can’t even find a photo of this statue on line, the one pictured is not it. Her face was sculpted to capture love and compassion, yet it was filled with wonder and questions. She held a crown of thorns in her hands, clutched to her heart.

My mind wandered further to imagine her, collapsed to the ground, holding the crucified, dead body of her Son, having gently removed the crown of thorns from His bloody head, setting it aside to wiped blood and tears from His precious face. No doubt her breaking heart wept, even if she didn’t have the physical strength left to sob over his ravaged body.

It didn’t help that I was already emotional, simply because I was at a wedding, but, I fought back my tears. If it was my son, I believe I’d be holding him to myself for as long as I could.

Even as we stand beside a loved one, laid out at their funeral, longing to hold them in our arms one more time, our heart breaks in a way we could never have imagined before. We may cling to memories, or even to a token of their lives.

What did Mary cling to? Did she clutch that crown of thorns? Did she grapple in the sand for the bloody nails that held Him to the Cross? Did she reach deeply into her understanding of what God had spoken to her through an angel and displayed before her throughout the years? Did she pull out God’s strength through a joy miraculously placed in her heart? She recognized her own salvation at the announcement of her pregnancy (Luke 1:47); did she have an even greater revelation at the finality of His death when He uttered, “It is finished”? (John 19:30) By His grace and mercy, did God allow her a glimpse of eternity, removing the veil of time so she could see her son sitting at the right hand of her Father? (Acts 2:33)

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We don’t know. Imagine what we will, we don’t know.

What do you cling to and clutch to your heart that connects you with your Savior? Or what is it you run from? (I suppose Mary could have thrown that crown of thorns in anger and run from the bloody scene that had just unfolded before her.)

Perhaps, it’s not something tangible, but a memory. Maybe the memory is so vague you can’t even put your finger on it. Or maybe this is an easy question, the memory or point of contact is illuminated in your mind as you read this.

Whatever it is, it’s something that penetrated your heart; whether the pierce was a prick like that from a thorn, or broke your heart wide open; you let Jesus peek into the places there where no one else is welcome - your secret place. Could it make a difference if you shared your treasure with someone else; if you told them how Jesus brought His Light to your darkness?

If you’ve never asked Jesus into that private place, perhaps it just feels like your heart has been beaten up, broken, cracked and stomped on; crushed till it’s unrecognizable, dark and lifeless. That’s how it will remain until you allow the Light of Jesus Christ to redeem you; to bring life from lifelessness.

The whole point to the Christmas story is that Jesus took on flesh to be like us, so that we could find life in His Spirit and be like Him.

Find a quiet place and think on this. Ask Him to show you your heart, if it’s filled with His Light – share it! If it’s still filled with pain and sorrow and anger and grief, it’s time to invite Him in to help you find the courage to forgive those who’ve hurt and betrayed you, and the courage to accept His forgiveness for your sin (“…for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, and all are justified freely by his grace through the redemption that came by Christ Jesus.” -Romans 3:23-24/If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness. -1 John 1:9 NIV)

Yes, it will mean allowing yourself to become vulnerable. But, He’s not going to blab your secrets to the world. It’s all between you and Him…… if you’re not quite sure how to pray, ask Him. He’ll meet you right where you’re at.

His Word (the Bible) is filled with promises for those who believe Him. Find your promises today.

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  1. Wow, really powerful blog entry! Great. Very well written, Love the topic!

    1. Thank you, Kassie! You bless me beyond measure with your words!