Thursday, December 17, 2009

A Cherished Treasure

Surely you've heard the line: One man's junk is another man's treasure. Keep that thought in mind.
Together, my husband and I are finally reading the book The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren. I'm not used to reading only one chapter in a book a day, but as he suggests, that's what we're doing, giving time to think about each chapter throughout the day.
Yesterday we read the chapter that drives home the idea that everything belongs to God, we are merely stewards or priviledged users of what truly doesn't even belong to us. Mr. Warren has given me much to contemplate in the first few chapters of his book - but I found this chapter particularly convicting.
I don't consider myself a materialistic girl. I could care less how big our house is or how new my car is or if there's a label on my jeans. Honestly, I often shop at the Goodwill Store for the bargains, you'd be amazed at what other people get rid of, many times with the original price tags still on them! (Yes, that's where I got my perfectly new looking copy of Rick Warren's book for only 75 cents!) Recall the thought: One man's junk is another man's treasure.
So, yes, everything belongs to God. Okay. I have no reservations about that. I'm good with it. But as I read through this chapter an emotional charge blasted away at my heart as I heard God speaking to me, convicting me and drawing me to repentance. Graciously, God has forgiven me, so there's now no shame attached to what I have to share.
My father in law lives with us and has for several years now. He's not a particularly likeable person. He's paranoid, unkept, has quirky habits and a disgusting past. He doesn't hear, so we write down everything we want to communicate to him. When we took him in I don't think I realized what a long-term responsibility this would be. I admit it, I have some very carnal-minded days.
But as I read, the words on the pages faded and gave way to the images permeating my brain; my whole demeanor fell.
I saw God holding my father in law in His hands, protectively as if holding the most precious treasure on earth. With a look of intent on His face He looked around His creation for the perfect place to put His treasure. He smiled with delight, almost giggling as He said, "Oh here! There's plenty of room in Dave and Helen's hearts." -And he deposited this man into our lives.
What I've shamefully found revolting is one of God's greatest treasures. My father in law. I'm humbled. God has entrusted this treasure to our household -to our hearts and I've resented it far too much for way too long. Recall again the thought: What was one woman's 'junk' is God's greatest treasure!
Believe it or not, after asking God to forgive me and love this man through me - something inside of me has changed. My hearts now breaks over this man. This man that won't even acknowledge there is a God, is one of God's favorite treasures. Pray with me if you will, for God's treasure: Donald Lee Williams.


  1. Helen, thank you so much for your brutal honesty and your transparency not only before God, but before us. Your post brought me to tears and gave me much to think about. I am praying with you for Mr. Williams, I'm also praying for you, sweet daughter of the King - you are priceless.
    Blessings, Lori

  2. Helen,
    I am so glad that your heart has changed. Now it will be a privilege serving Donald and not a burden. I'm not saying that it will always be easy but now you see it has kingdom purpose.

  3. Helen, your heart is so big. Your faith is strong, God gives us all strength. I just wish I had the strength in me to take care of my mother. It has been a struggle for me, knowing I was the one who placed her in a nursing home. I worry that I won't be forgiven. Getting old is hard. Our parents took care of us and tables turn when they age we should take care of them.

    Thank you for your strength. God has given you wisdom and a his love. You are doing his work, here on earth.

    You are and Dave are children of God
    Blessed by him for all eternity.

  4. Vickie, don't let the devil saddle you with guilt! Your mom needed far more care than you're able to give her! You have nothing to be forgiven for, precious heart! God knows our hearts, He knows YOUR precious, kind, gracious, giving, HUGE heart!!! The wisdom He's given you allowed you to see what you had to do and you've done it with grace. God is smiling at your right now, blessing you and loving you and is very pleased with you. Don't let the enemy of our soul rob you of your joy! I love you Vickie. Thank you for 'following' my blogs! XOXOXO