Saturday, March 30, 2013

It's in the Details

“Surrendering the story and it’s ending to Jesus takes me to a place where I don’t have to contend with whether the script is going according to my timeline or to what I want to see happening by now, or the faulty ways I’d have orchestrated the storyline and it’s outcome. My way wouldn’t allow room for all the equipping necessary for the victorious ending we’re in for.”
That was a reassuring thought I pondered the other morning.
There’s a reason I’m not God, no doubt, many reasons.
Clearly I’m nowhere near as patient as I’d need to be, I want to see things done right now. I get frustrating with all the “prep-work” that goes into becoming who God designed us to be. I get grouchy over muddling through the stages necessary to become strong and equipped. My heart breaks over the pain and agony that sometimes unfolds along the way.
And that’s just when I’m looking outward, at the stories unfolding around me. It’s harder to see the story unfolding in my own life.
We all have loved ones who appear to have hit “rock bottom” in their lives, sometimes more than once. It makes us cry, but it makes them stronger. I know a few people who don’t recognize the bottom even when they’re sitting there, seemingly by themselves.
Every “aha moment” we experience is ours alone.
I can’t give you an “aha moment” – though God may use my words or actions to bring you to that place. Nor can you do the same for me.
This journey of life takes a myriad of twists and turns through joyful mountaintops and grueling valleys. Some moments are meant only for transactions between us and the God that created us; they can’t truly be shared with anyone else, though we may wear ourselves out trying to express them, even trying to force them on each other.
There’s a guy on TV that’s famous for drawing you into his conversation, only to pause and say, “…wait for it…” before he presents you with his trophy point to be made. Life is packed full of “…wait for it…” moments. Too often, we refuse to wait. Our loss.
What’s at the end of the journey and all along the way? Joy.
We can’t create it or reproduce it, it comes from God. We can create happy memories, happy events and even moments of ecstasy. But God gets the credit for joy.
Whether you’re wrestling with the way your story is unfolding, or praying over someone else’s storyline, wait for it; God is at work in His own wise ways, weaving His joy-filled masterpiece.
Even when our mortals eyes can’t see it.
“…but joy cometh in the morning.”  Psalm (30:5 KJV)

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