Thursday, February 27, 2014

Watering Cans

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“…be not weary in well doing.” – 2 Thessalonians 3:13 (KJV)

I’m tired. In all my “well doing” – I grow weary. I’m not tired OF doing good, but, in the midst of doing it, I wear down. Sometimes, I’m too tired to cry. Most likely, I grow so tired because I’m not making time to recharge my batteries in the Word of God. I’ve begun to run on my own strength, which isn’t as built up as it should be. But, could it be that I’ve never learned to effectively set boundaries?

For all my well doing, am I giving more of myself than I’m pouring out to others what God has poured in to me?

What happens when the last drop of water in my watering can drips out in the midst of watering my houseplants? How do I continue? How can I possibly water the remaining plants with an empty watering can?

The same applies to everyone God has placed within my reach; within my realm of ministry. The only way God’s living water can flow through me to bless those I love, is if I allow myself to be filled first. If I neglect God’s Word, I have nothing to pour out to those who look to me for a kind word, a gentle gesture, a smile or a favor. All I can offer is the frailty of my flesh.

When I over-extend myself, I choose to put something or someone else before God. And putting anyone or anything before God makes them an idol. Often, we think of an idol as a statue that unbelievers bow before. But an idol is anything we allow to become a ‘god’, by putting it first in line for our attention before the true and living God. Even if that ‘something’ is good, or someone I love dearly, I grieve God by allowing them to reign on the throne of my heart in His rightful place.

It can become a vicious cycle to allow idols to swallow up your day (no boundaries), leaving you no time for God’s Word; and the less time we spend with God, the more likely we are to erect those idols.

What might you be putting first? Spend some time with God today and ask Him what idols you’re creating by putting them before Him. Enter His presence with a grateful, repent heart and let Him wash you clean – again and refill you with His Spirit.

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