Sunday, February 6, 2011

Who Would Notice?

‘If I fell off the face of the earth – no one would even notice…’

Have you ever thought that? I’ve seen similar statements as status updates on Facebook and it saddens me to see that our common enemy, Satan, has managed to diminish our value in our own eyes.

Is it because we’ve fallen short of some standard that was set for us?

Is it because we measure ourselves by the successes of others?

Is it because we simply don’t like what we see in the mirror?

I would love to convince you of your worth – but convincing anyone of anything means coming up against what they already believe, and against the experiences that brought them to the point of believing what they believe.

What gives something its value? What determines its worth?

To a millionaire a fifty dollar gift card might be an insult. To someone in a third world country, fifty dollars could mean the difference between life and death.

To a professional violinist, a half a million dollar violin is a thing of beauty and coveted. To a child with no ear for music, it’s merely a decoration.

Relative value is largely determined by who’s holding the object in question.

Absolute value is predetermined.

The fifty dollar gift card is worth just that, fifty dollars. The half a million dollar violin is worth a half a million dollars.

When we’re mistreated by the world at large or the people we are closest to, we often feel worthless, even if we’re pretty enough to be a decoration. But our absolute value was established before we were conceived, even before the earth was formed.

So our relative value can only be affected by allowing our lives to be controlled by people who don’t care about us. By yielding control to God – we retain our unfathomable, absolute value, which can never change.

More to come…………….

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